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2022 Make Sounds Loudly Tape Drive + Tape Delay Custom, Mint w/ Box, Mark Leahey


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Up for sale, a 2022 Make Sounds Loudly Tape Drive + Tape Delay Custom in like-new condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box. Custom built by Mark Leahey, this versatile hand-wired pedal effectively emulates the warm, natural-sounding echoes of a tape machine along with a thick, harmonically-rich tape overdrive.

There are a wide array of available tones; the Drive and Delay circuits are independently footswitchable, with independent LEDs. The Delay circuit controls include Mix, Feedback, Rate, and Decay knobs, with a Modulation footswitch that engages some pitch-shifting weirdness when depressed, and the Drive circuit has Gain, Tone, Presence, and Volume controls, with a Feedback footswitch that unleashes sonic haywire when depressed. The Decay can easily move into self-oscillation with the Feedback knob dialed up, allowing for loads of noisy tweaking and experimentation.

The rugged powder coated enclosure has barely a mark on it, and the inside of the baseplate retains the handwritten August, 2022 date, and Mark Leahey’s initials.