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2020 Lazy J J10LC Boutique Tweed Tube Amp 1x12 w/ Reverb, Tremolo & Celestion Blue, UK-Made


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Up for sale, a 2020 Lazy J J10LC in near mint condition and in perfect working order. The J10LC is an incredibly versatile boutique Tweed-style tube amp, manufactured in the UK and loaded with a 12" Celestion Blue alnico magnet speaker. This J10LC has all the trimmings, including optional factory upgrade tube-driven Reverb and Tremolo modules. Produced in small quantities and currently out of stock from virtually all dealers, this Lazy J offers a comprehensive range of Tweed era tones, pushing well beyond the range of its 1950s predecessors.

The J10LC pushes 10 all tube watts via the usual push/pull dual 6V6 power tube pair, with a two channel hand-wired circuit, dedicated Volume controls for each channel and a shared Tone control. Built-in Variable Attenuation Control is standard (the 4th knob on the faceplate), and each channel is uniquely voiced, with a darker Normal channel ideal for a rich midrange honk from bridge position Filter'Trons and P-90s, while the Brilliant channel ensures more biting textures. Bridging the channels yields the kind of dynamic, touch sensitive grit of the best 5E3 Deluxe circuits, and the amp has ample clean headroom before cascading into rich, textured drive.

The upgrade Tremolo module has the usual Speed and Intensity knobs, and the Reverb has its own dedicated transformer and Reverb and Tone knobs, along with an additional trim pot. Both modules are tube-driven.

A short list of players actively using Lazy J amps includes Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Mike Campbell, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Pete Townshend, Joe Walsh, and Steve Winwood.

The amp is cosmetically clean as can be with lacquered diagonal tweed, oxblood grillcloth, and polished chrome faceplate with white chicken head knobs, and a leather handle. A two-button footswitch to engage the Reverb and Tremolo effects is included.