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2020 Hi-Tone Lowatt CP Boutique Tube Amp Head w/ Mustard Caps & HT2125 2x12 Speaker Cab


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Up for sale, a 2020 Hi-Tone Lowatt CP boutique tube amp head and matching 2x12 speaker cabinet in near mint condition and in perfect working order. The progeny of Hiwatt fanatics Clayton Callaway and Mark Huss with assistance in “U.K.-based component sourcing and circuit accuracy” from Glynn Reeves, the son of late Hiwatt founder Dave Reeves, Hi-Tone produces the most faithful and exacting Hiwatt flavored, no-corners-cut boutique amps on the market today.

Able to deliver the muscle, grit, and incredible headroom one expects in a Hiwatt at volumes acceptable to most players (and to the near universal relief of your bandmates and studio players alike), the Lowatt runs a pair of 6V6 power tubes for 18 watts of lush, pure all-tube tone. The sound is three-dimensional, fat, and extremely responsive, and the Lowatt CP is a perfect pedal platform.

The CP is based on the original run of 100 Sound City amps made for Arbiter by Hiwatt founder Dave Reeves, and the circuit is a faithful replica of Pete Townshend's 1969 CP model. The tone stack is similar to that of a JMI-era Vox amp's Top Boost, with simple Treble/Bass controls and a Master Volume in addition to two pairs of independent channels (four channels total). Each of the four inputs and channels has its own dedicated Volume control, and the second two are voiced brighter than the first two.

The circuit features custom Partridge-style transformers made for Hi-Tone by Heyboer, and the preamp benefits from Hi-Tone's NOS mustard capacitor upgrade. The factory tube complement includes a matched pair of JJ 6V6 power tubes along with all Tube Amp Doctor valves in the preamp and phase inverter.

The HT2125 model speaker cabinet is a 2x12 vertical enclosure with its stock pair of Hi-Tone exclusive DR-F Fane-replica ceramic magnet drivers, made in the USA by Eminence. The speakers are pre-exercised via an exclusive Hi-Tone process, so no break-in period is required. The cabinet is constructed with a premium Baltic Birch baffle and sides, with CNC finger-joined corners for maximum strength and durability. A 1″ MDF ported back panel ensures ultimate acoustic performance, and the back secures with bolts into threaded inserts (no wood screws to strip or crack the battens).

Both the head and cabinet have heavy duty black vynide covering with white piping, and the cabinet boasts a Hi-Tone custom 1968 grillcloth upgrade.