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2020 Fender Miyavi Telecaster w/ Vibrato, Seymour Duncan, Sustainer, Case & Hangtags


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Up for sale, a 2020 Miyavi signature Telecaster, near-mint and complete with the original hangtags and an aftermarket (upgrade) Fender hardshell case. Easily one of Fender Japan's most feature-rich and unique artist models, the Miyavi Telecaster boasts a HSS pickup array, active Sustainer circuitry, and a Maverick Super Vee vibrato.

Miyavi began his career in 1999 as the guitarist for visual kei rock band Dué Le Quartz, before going solo in 2002. Known worldwide for his slap guitar playing style, he’s released 14 solo studio albums to date. The Miyavi Tele's pickup complement includes a USA-made Seymour Duncan Little '59 bridge position humbucker, a gray bobbin USA Fender Pure Vintage middle position single coil, and a Fernandes Sustainer humbucker at the neck. While the Duncan dishes out thick PAF-style humbucker crunch and the Pure Vintage single coil has plenty of sparkle and percussive cut, the Sustainer pickup is its own unique animal. Paired with its active circuitry, the Sustainer has an on/off two-way mini toggle and a fundamental/harmonic/blend three-way mini toggle. This three-way selects which frequency is being endlessly sustained, and via the five-way pickup selector, it can be paired with the Pure Vintage single coil too. The Miyavi Telecaster weighs 8lbs 1oz, professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with 10-46 strings, low action, and accurate intonation.

Neck Specs:

-Wood: Maple
-Shape: "Custom C," full shoulders, measuring .845” 1st fret, .945” 12th fret
-Fretboard: Rosewood slab, 22 fret, 9 1/2“ radius
-Frets: Slender, light wear beneath the plain strings on frets 1-5
-Scale Length: 25 1/2”
-Nut: 1.650” (42mm), bone
-Tuners: Kluson-style, Gotoh-made
-Serialization: “Made in Japan”, JD20-prefix

Body Specs:

-Wood: Alder
-Pickups: Seymour Duncan Little ‘59, Pure Vintage ‘65 gray bobbin, Sustainer Driver
-Controls: Sustainer - On/Off and Fundamental/Harmonic/Blend mini-toggles, Volume, Tone, five-way pickup selector
-Hardware: Super Vee Maverick vibrato, compensated brass saddles
-Plastics: One-ply black pickguard, top hat switch tip

There's barely a scratch on the gloss Arctic White finish, conservatively quantified as "near-mint." The gloss finish on the neck profile is similarly pristine.

The original hangtags are included, along with a Fender black tolex hardshell case.