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2019 Magic Amps Vibro Prince Boutique Tube Amp 2x10 w/ Reverb, Tremolo


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Up for sale, a 2019 Magic Amps Vibro Prince in near mint condition and in perfect working order. A custom iteration of the Vibro Prince platform, this amp features a unique open-back 2x10 enclosure and the cosmetic combination of smooth blonde tolex and gold sparkle grillcloth, evoking an early '64 look. A very faithful no-corners-cut amp, Magic Amps' Vibro Prince is stunning in its execution and faithful adherence to vintage spec, capturing the liveliness and studio-friendly cleans and smooth drive of a Blackface-era Princeton Reverb. And yet, the Vibro Prince pushes beyond a Princeton in its viability for live settings and situations where more bass response and fullness is required, given the 2x10 speaker configuration and larger cabinet. A single channel design with an identical control layout and response to its Fender brethren, features of the Vibro Prince include: Voltage correct Mercury Magnetics and Magnetic Components transformers Proprietary Weber/Magic C10N speakers Sozo Blue Molded capacitors Sprague Atom electrolytics CE Dist multi-section cap can Allen Bradley Carbon Composition resistors (used where it counts) Correct color-coded cloth covered wire A proprietary replica chassis Period correct reverb cables that look and sound exactly like the originals Full-size two-spring Reverb tank Tubes: 6V6 x2, GZ34, 12AX7 x3, 12AT7 Cosmetically, the amp is clean as can be, with smooth blonde tolex, gold sparkle grillcloth, and an immaculate faceplate with witch hat knobs.