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2018 Balan Pedals Beekeeper Overdrive V1 Tube-Driven, Pre-Tubesteader


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Up for sale, a 2018 Balan Pedals Beekeeper Overdrive V1 pedal in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This boutique, hand-crafted Balan pedal (produced prior to the company’s rebranding to Tubesteader) is an early example, with a control layout that differs from both subsequent iterations. The Beekeeper packs a full tube-powered preamp into a compact form factor, featuring a Dumble ODS-inspired circuit and two tubes. The Beekeeper has a dynamic, lush sound; the cleans are sweet and sparkling, and this pedal opens up into a notably smooth, rich and touch-sensitive overdrive as the gain is cranked up. Controls include Volume and Drive knobs, with Low, Middle, and High EQ controls for optimal tonal sculpting. The tube complement features an RCA 12AY7 and an Electronic Industry Nis (Yugoslavian-made) ECG83. The rugged enclosure is built like a tank, with steel rims to protect the exposed tubes. Cosmetically, there’s barely a mark on the enclosure. The stamped graphics are pristine, the original knobs are all present, and the top of the enclosure even retains the original “Made in Canada” sticker. The inside of the baseplate is signed by Olly Balan and is dated to November 22, 2018.