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2017 Creepy Fingers Harakiri Fuzz Boutique Effects Pedal, Superfuzz, 2N4970 Transistors


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Up for sale, a Creepy Fingers Harakiri Fuzz in near mint condition and in perfect working order. Founded by Fu Manchu bassist, Brad Davis, Creepy Fingers produces high end handbuilt effects based on classic circuits.

The Harakiri Fuzz is based on the Univox Superfuzz of the Orange and Blue era, with the central Scoop control replacing the Tone switch on the original. The control scoops the mids as it's turned up, while the first knob controls Volume, and the third controls the Fuzz response. The sonic character is a very dimensional, in-your-face effect, with a range from ripping, jagged sag, to blown out, fine-grained fizzy saturation.

Inside, hand-selected NOS components are utilized, with clean work and six silicon National Semiconductor 2N4970 transistors in the circuit. This particular pedal features a custom gray hammerite enclosure with forward-facing controls and the original trio of knobs.