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2017 Creepy Fingers Amp Top Treble Booster Boutique Guitar Effects Pedal, Rangemaster w/ Germanium OC141


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Up for sale, a Creepy Fingers Amp Top effects pedal in near mint condition and in perfect working order. Founded by Fu Manchu bassist, Brad Davis, Creepy Fingers produces high end handbuilt effects based on classic circuits. The Amp Top is a faithful take on the legendary Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster, with a single gain knob and on/off toggle switch. The pedal yields an incredible amount of gain, with a very upper mid and treble-forward response, easily capable of pushing your favorite tube amp into compressed saturation.

Inside, the simple point to point circuit reveals clean work with NOS components and an NPN germanium Philips/Mullard OC141 black glass red dot transistor at its heart. The pedal is powered via a 9v battery in traditional fashion, or via a modern 9v power jack. The pedal features a red hammerite finish with four rubber feet on the bottom, allowing the effect to perch on top of your amplifier within reach.