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2016 Sleeping Dog FX Ramona Dual Guitar Effects Pedal Big Muff & DS-1, #2 of 2.


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Up for sale, a Sleeping Dog FX Ramona overdrive/distortion effects pedal in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box. #2 of 2, this custom pedal by UK boutique builder Sleeping Dog FX was made for Kevin Burkett of Electrical Guitar Co, as indicated on the signed inscription on the back panel.

The Ramona combines a Russian Big Muff-style fuzz on the left hand side, with a Boss DS-1 before it on the right. This setup is a tribute to the favorite pedal combination of Blake Schwarzenbach from Jawbreaker, and it's a versatile and potent pairing. The Russian Big Muff is huge and hairy sounding, with tons of the bottom end boom this version is justly famous for, while the DS-1 is bright and cutting, at the opposite end of the tonal spectrum. With both effects engaged together, the Big Muff portion ends up more focused and mid-forward, and the compression of the original signal is controlled, flattering whatever pickups you chose to plug in.

The polished aluminum housing certainly befits a pedal worthy of the Electrical Guitar Co, and the acid-etched graphics feature the pedal's namesake, Ramona Flowers, from the Scott Pilgrim comic. The original aluminum skirted knobs round out the look.

The original box is included.