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2016 Divided by 13 FTR 37 Boutique Tube Amp Head & 2x12 Cab, Custom Tolex/Grill


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Up for sale, a 2016 Divided by 13 model FTR 37 boutique tube amp head and matching 2x12 cabinet in near mint condition and in perfect working order. A custom-ordered FTR 37, this amp boasts purple and white two-tone tolex, with a grillcloth featuring the Hokusai painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa. This amp features two blendable channels, one faithfully replicating Fender-style Blackface-era cleans and the other delivering Marshall-esque British drive and bite. The amp pushes 35 lush all-tube watts via a matched quad of 6V6 power tubes and a GZ34 rectifier, with a half-power switch for more manageable output, delivering the most pure and bodied clean tones, to varying degrees of medium and over-the-top flavors of complex, full-bodied overdrive. The amp is voiced through its original 2x12 baltic birch open-back speaker cabinet, loaded with the original Celestion speaker pair including an Alnico Blue and a G12H70 Cream Back. These speakers cover a particularly broad tonal range given the blending of alnico and ceramic magnet designs, capturing the dynamics and rich harmonic content of the FTR 37 circuit. Cosmetically, the amp is incredibly clean, and the custom tolex and graphics definitely stand out in contrast to Divided by 13s typically more restrained aesthetics. Features include: 37 Watts, Class AB1/A 2 Discreet Channels CH 1: Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb CH 2: Volume, Tone Push/Pull Mid/Gain Boost Reverb Half Power Switch (18 Watts) Tube Rectified (5AR4/GZ34) Power Section: 4 x 6V6 GT Preamp: 12AX7, 12AT7, 5879 4, 8, 16 Ohm output