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2015 Supro Rhythm Master 1675RT 60/35-watt 1x15 Tube Combo Amp, Thunderbolt


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Up for sale, a Supro Rhythm Master in excellent condition and in perfect working order. This now discontinued all-tube 1x15 tube amp is geared towards players who appreciate the huge, bold sound of the Thunderbolt model, but need a lush, all-tube reverb to fill out their sound. The 1675RT Rhythm Master is rooted in Supro tradition, loaded with independent Bass and Treble controls, a six-spring long-pan reverb, bias-based tube tremolo and switchable power.

The Rhythm Master’s 35-Watt Class A (Cathode Bias) mode delivers a more spongy, vintage character while the 60-Watt Class AB (Grid Bias) mode delivers faster transient response with maximum available headroom and volume. The tube complement includes a Sovtek 5U4 rectifier, matched Sovtek 6L6 power tube pair, and a pair of JJ preamp tubes.

The blue rhino hide tolex is extremely clean save for some minor staining on the bottom of the cabinet, topped off with a premium leather handle. The faceplate is nigh flawless with all original knobs, and the silver sparkle grillcloth retains the small raised Supro badge.