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2015 Satellite My Pal Fuzz V1 Guitar Effects Pedal w/ 2n2219 Silicon Transistors, 1 of 50


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Up for sale, a 2015 Satellite Amplifiers My Pal Fuzz by Satellite Amplifiers V1 in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. One of the first pedals ever released by Satellite, which was founded in the early 2000s by Adam Grimm, the My Pal Fuzz had an extremely limited release of just 50 hand-wired pedals which are now extremely difficult to find.

This boutique fuzz features a pair of 2n2219 silicon transistors at its heart, offering a warm and sizzling sound with strong midrange and tight, creamy low end breakup. It features a simple two knob control layout, with Fuzz and Volume controls.

The My Pal Fuzz runs on 9V center-pin positive power supply or battery power. The backing plate of this pedal identifies it as pedal #10 of 50, from January, 2015, and retains Grimm’s signature.