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2014 Miller Ampwerks Pine Street Boutique Tube Amp 2x10 Combo Hand-Wired w/ Tremolo, 6V6


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Up for sale, a 2014 Miller Ampwerks Pine Street 2x10 tube amp in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. A premier boutique amp built in Portland Oregon, Miller's Pine Street is hand-wired on a turret board with premium components, a heavy gauge bent aluminum chassis, and Classic Tone transformers.

Building on the platform of a Brown Panel early '60s Fender Deluxe, this single channel design pushes a healthy 22 watts via a pair of 6V6 power tubes, with Lo and Hi Gain inputs so that single coils and humbuckers can both achieve the same level of saturation and ripping overdrive at higher volumes. The Tremolo circuit is a modified Tweed-style bias modulated design with a juicy, strong pulse. This trem is also tweaked to offer slower speeds in particular.

Speakers include a Tone Tubby San Rafael and Weber Blue Dog for a rich, complex sound. The Tone Tubby has a hemp cone and ceramic magnet construction for a sweet, defined sound that is purposefully a bit looser in the low end, a voicing very favorable for both sweet cleans and barking drive. The Weber Blue Dog is a faithful replica of Vox's golden age alnico magnet driver, delivering an aggressive, bright sound with strong midrange.

The amp is very clean cosmetically, with smooth black tolex, silver sparkle grillcloth, and a top-oriented chassis with black silkscreen graphics and black barrel knobs.

A footswitch is included to activate the Tremolo.