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2014 Dave Kracke Custom 50 Prototype #1 Plexi Tube Guitar Amp Head & 2x12 Cabinet, Celestion


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Up for sale, a 2014 Kracke Custom 50 prototype #1 half stack in near mint condition and in perfect working order. Handbuilt in Seattle, WA, by Dave Kracke, his custom builds are no-corners-cut affairs, infused with 30 years of experience and an obsessive attention to detail. A USA-made boutique amp with a distinct British tonal profile, the Custom 50 is handwired on a 1/8" fiberglass/epoxy breadboard and is based off the legendary Marshall Plexi circuit from ‘68. Capable of 50 watt or 25 watt operation, rich, textured all-tube drive can be achieved at both performance and practice levels.

The chassis sports a classic control array, with a pair of metal toggle switches for the Power and Standby/Watt functions, a red indicator light, Volume, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Drive and Gain knobs, Boost and Bright toggles, and a two input design. The circuit features premium components used throughout, with capacitors from the likes of Sprague and Wima, low noise metal film resistors, Alpha pots, and an extremely clean lead dress. The back panel features dual speaker outputs and a three-way rotary impedance switch for 4, 8, and 16 ohms operation. The tube complement includes a matched pair of Wing C Svetlana EL34 power tubes, with preamp tubes from the likes of Sovtek and General Electric.

The large closed back speaker cabinet matches the head with a Kracke badge, smooth black tolex, and gold piping. The cabinet is loaded with the stock pair of Celestion Creamback G12H-75 speakers offering ample power and punch.

This Kracke Custom 50 prototype is a winning modern spin on a time-tested circuit, with top-shelf components used throughout, paired with a speaker cabinet that compliments the tonal range and power this head offers.