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2012 JHS Klon Clone V3 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal, Near-Mint w/ Box


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Up for sale, a 2012 JHS Klon Clone V3 overdrive pedal in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box. Produced from 2009-14, this rare, faithful recreation of the original Klon circuit does an exceptional job of capturing the legendary tonal qualities that have made Bill Finnegan’s original design so beloved and sought after by guitarists the world over. In fact, it’s so accurate that Finnegan himself took issue with the pedal, leading JHS to cease production once Finnegan reintroduced his original line in 2014.

With simple Volume Treble, and Drive controls, this pedal has a versatile, wide range of tones and uses. Of course, with Drive dialed up, it delivers thick, ripping distortion, but also functions notably well as a clean boost with the Drive reigned in. The Treble control is exceptionally natural sounding, offering a wide range of usable tones at all positions and capable of providing subtle gradations in high frequency response.

The untouched hand-wired circuit includes a pair of TL072CN JFET Op-Amp chips and Alpha pots. The enclosure is slightly smaller than a genuine Klon, making this Clone more pedalboard-friendly while retaining the same functionality. It sports an “Iced Tea,” finish, with cosmetic wear limited to just a few very minor marks. The inside of the back panel is dated 5-18-12.

The original box is included.