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2012 Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar Offset Electric Guitar Olympic White w/ Case & Hangtags


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Up for sale, a 2012 Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar in 100% original condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original hardshell case, hangtags, and case candy. Made in the USA and sporting an Olympic White gloss nitro lacquer finish, the Marr Jaguar is one of the most feature-rich and player-friendly signature models Fender has released to date.

At the heart of this guitar is a pair of Bare Knuckle Jaguar pickups, custom-wound exclusively for this model, powerful and clear with alnico magnet construction that delivers both the expected sparkle and top end snap, as well as a round, focused low end. Designed to easily access the unique tones that Marr is able to wring out of his trusty '65 Jag, the switching options on this model are wholly unique, with a four-way blade pickup selector switch that covers the usual bridge/neck/both switching options and a fourth setting that wires the two single coils in series for a fuller tone that has more output and kick. The traditional Rhythm Circuit controls have also been substituted on this model with two toggles to engage hi-pass filters for more tic-tac top end and cut. The top switch is the Master Filter (up engages the cut); the lower switch, mounted at a right angle, only works on position four on the blade pickup selector switch (i.e. it introduces the cut). Both these switches are more low profile than the standard Rhythm Circuit controls, to stay well clear of the strum path; typical of the thought and detail that has gone into this guitar. Weighing 8lbs 13oz, this Marr Jaguar has a clear acoustic voice and balances well on a strap. Here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar we specialize in Fender Offset guitars, dialing in this Marr Jaguar to perfection with low action, accurate intonation, and 11-49 roundwound strings.

The maple neck has a slender C-shaped profile carve, and the exact shape is unique to this model, modeled directly after Marr's personal Jaguar. This profile has round shoulders that provide ideal substance in every register along with lightly rolled fretboard edges for added comfort, measuring .815" deep at the 1st fret and .970" at the 12th. The thick slab 22 fret rosewood fretboard has a vintage-spec 7 1/4" radius, and the slender fretwire retains its full factory height, with moderate wear beneath the plain strings on the crowns of frets 1-2 and lighter wear extending to fret 10. This Jaguar plays easily up the 24" scale with a straight neck and responsive, optimally adjusted truss rod. The stock nut has Fender's 1.650" width. The headstock boasts both a "Fender Jaguar" waterslide decal and Marr's signature, and the Kluson-style Gotoh tuning machines turn smoothly and hold pitch as they should.

All of the electronics function as intended, with four-way switching and flat-pole Bare Knuckle pickups. The bridge is a StayTrem licensed model with nylon inserts and barrel saddles, and the vibrato arm collet is unique to this model too, licensed by StayTrem with an internal nylon sleeve so there is no metal to metal contact with the tremolo arm. This provides a very smooth rotation and will last for many years, and the arm stays where you put it, while still moving freely when needed. The chrome hardware is bright and clean for a faint speckling of patina on the bridge, and the plastic parts are very well-kept.

The Olympic White "flash coat" nitro lacquer gloss shows the finish chipping common on this model, due to the lightly applied, resonant nature of the finish. Beyond the finish chips there is some targeted buckle rash on the back below the belly contour, and some additional dings on the back and at the bass-side waist on top. The nitro gloss finish is smooth and clean along the neck profile length.

The original hardshell case is included, along with all hangtags, factory paperwork and case candy.

***We are dealers for the Mastery M1 bridge & Offset Vibrato either of which can be installed prior to shipment for an additional charge***