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2011 Mesa Boogie RA-100 Royal Atlantic 2x12 Tube Amp Near-Mint w/ Ftsw, Paperwork, Cover


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Up for sale, a 2011 Mesa Boogie RA-100 Royal Atlantic 2x12 combo amp in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original paperwork, footswitches, casters, and slip cover. This combo is the top-tier offering from Mesa’s TransAtlantic series, with staggering versatility and a vast array of possible tones. Designed to capture the finest qualities of both American and British vintage tube tones, the RA-100 features a dual channel design with Fullerton’s finest on Channel 1 and Liverpool’s loveliest on Channel 2.

Channel 1(Clean) is ideal for ultra-clear, chiming American clean tones, with a bouncy, tight low-end that’s rich without getting “tubby" (as Mesa describes it). The bass response also ensures that there’s super smooth clipping and edge-of-breakup sounds when dialing the amp up, yielding just a touch of dirt all the way to textured overdrive. Additionally, Mesa’s proprietary Multi-Soak attenuation enables tonal consistency at any volume level, specifically designed to mitigate tone loss better than most attenuators.

Channel 2 (Vintage HI/LO) has two modes, paying tribute to both classic and modified British sounds: LO mode is designed to evoke a touch-sensitive light gain British circuit, with enough drive for crunch, dynamically sensitive and not overly saturated. This mode also benefits significantly from the Multi-Soak. HI mode has a broad gain range, from “a sweet harbor for lower-gain, English-Blues bliss… to an angry, raging tempest with fathoms of harmonics riding just below the surface." This channel's most versatile tones (saturated but with plenty of attack and zero mushiness) are designed to be at high noon on the dial.

Both channels and modes are footswitchable, and the Royal Atlantic also features footswitchable all-tube reverb. The Reverb Bypass switch enables removal of the reverb circuitry from the signal path entirely for a true-to-vintage (Brit) response. The back panel features dual speaker outs, an effects loop, and dedicated Multi-Soak attenuation knobs for all three channels.

The tube complement in the power section comprises the original matched quartet of Mesa-branded EL34s, and the bias switch is designed to accommodate 6L6s instead for a fatter, smoother sound with more emphasis on the lower midrange and less top-end edge. Preamp tubes comprise JJ ECC83s and one ECC81.

This combo is loaded with the original pair of Black Shadow 12” speakers, made specially for Mesa Boogie by Celestion, which deliver tight, controlled lows; ample upper-bass and low-mids; authoritative midrange attack; and an assertive-yet-composed top end. These speakers excel at cutting through the mix without being piercing,

Cosmetic touches include black tolex, white piping, salt-and-pepper grillcloth, and a premium leather handle and leather corners. There's only very faint wear on the enclosure edges,

The original slip cover is included, along with the user manual/factory documentation, casters, and three footswitches (Reverb, HI/LO, Channel select).