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2010 Fender Competition Mustang '73 Vintage Reissue Guitar MG73-CO Olympic White, Japan MIJ


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Up for sale, a 2010 Fender Competition Mustang '73 vintage reissue guitar in excellent, 100% original condition and in perfect working order with a stunning Olympic White custom color finish and matching headstock. Made exclusively for the Japanese market and not intended for export, this Mustang model (officially model MG73-CO) is rarely seen outside its country of origin. Often considered to rival Fender's US production in terms of overall quality, this Mustang is a testament to the workmanship and eye for detail evident in the Made in Japan Fender models. There's plenty to love about this Mustang, from the resonant body to the pair of stock single coil pickups that deliver plenty of snap and twang. The guitar weighs 7lbs 10oz, and the crisp, clear voice of the instrument when strummed acoustically translates well through the pickup pair. Of course one of the most fun sounds on the Mustang is the out-of-phase setting, engaged when both on/off/on pickup selector switches are at their innermost or outermost points. The quack and spank of that particular setting is unique to the Mustang, and there's plenty of tonal range between the two pickups, with meatier sounds when the neck pickup is singled out. Professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, this Mustang is strung with 10-46 strings and dialed in for optimal intonation and slinky action. The maple neck has a slender, fast-feeling C profile carve with modest shoulder and lightly rolled fretboard edges, measuring .820" deep at the 1st fret and .930" at the 12th. The thick veneer rosewood fretboard boasts 22 practically perfect slender frets with their full factory height and well-rounded crowns, exhibiting only light wear beneath the plain strings on frets 1-3. At 24", the scale length is ideal for smaller hands and players looking to execute chord extensions that might be a bit more of a stretch at Fender's full scale. The original bone nut measures 1 9/16" in width. The matching Olympic White-finished headstock features Kluson-style tuners with white buttons, and these tuners turn smoothly and hold pitch as they should. The "Made in Japan" text and T-prefix serial number are present above the four-bolt F neck plate. All of the electronics function as intended, with Master Volume and Tone controls governing the two pickups. The vibrato has an easy, effortless response, and the chrome hardware is clean as can be save for a touch of patina on the barrel bridge saddles. Cosmetically, the gloss Olympic White finish is accented by a deep blue competition stripe along the lower bout, and this particular finish, matching headstock option, and competition stripe version is particularly rare. Cosmetic wear is limited to light pick scuffing on the treble side of the guard, some light concentrated finish scuffs on the back of the bass-side body horn, and sparingly little wear on the body as a whole. The smooth ambered gloss on the neck profile is flawless.