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2009 Matchless Avalon 30 Prototype Boutique Tube Amp 1x12, Production #1 w/ Reverb, White


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Up for sale, a 2009 Matchless Avalon 30 prototype in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, complete with a slip cover. Ostensibly the first Avalon 30 produced with no "Avalon" branding and a perf board circuit signed and dated by Matchless owner and Chief Operating Officer, Phil Jamison, the amp's circuit also has a #1 hand-written designation, with no additional serialization.

Distinct both visually and sonically, this Avalon 30 has a single channel design and straightforward four knob layout with Volume, Tone, Master and Reverb knobs. Featuring a quad of EL84 power tubes and switchable from 30 to 15 watt output, the Avalon 30 offers crystal clear, dynamic, three-dimensional tones. This simple and sonically versatile platform delivers the midrange sizzle and British-style cut associated with both Matchless and the EL-84 power tube platform, aided by the Master Volume and half-power switch.

The Avalon utilizes an innovative hybrid construction method which combines point-to-point wiring, circuit tracing, and turret style construction. All parts, including the transformers, are identical to the ones offered in Matchless' traditional amps, and this amp was hand-wired, quite possibly by Phil Jamison himself, given his signature and date on the circuit. The date reads 6-23-2009, and the pots have visible dates from the 35th week of '08.

The back panel has a rotary ohm selector (4, 8, and 16 ohms), half power switch, and footswitch jack for the Reverb effect. The tube complement includes a quartet of Sovtek EL84s, with a Golden Dragon 5AR4 rectifier and a preamp section of three JJ ECC83s and one JJ ECC81. The cabinet is loaded with an Austin Speaker Works Elegante 12”.

Cosmetics include unique white tolex and silver piping, with a premium black leather handle and black plastic corners. The amp is extremely well-kept, with just a scant few marks on the enclosure.

A faux leather slip cover is included.