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2009 Headstrong Lil' King Reverb Boutique Hand-Wired 1x12 Black Panel Princeton-Style Tube Amp w/ Cover, Ftsw


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Up for sale, a 2009 Headstrong Lil' King Reverb 1x12 boutique tube amp in showroom-clean condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original footswitch and a padded slip cover. A modern USA-made iteration of one of Fender's most celebrated Black Panel-era circuits, the Lil King Reverb was the world's first commercially available replica of the 1964 Princeton Reverb. Owned and operated by Wayne Jones, Headstrong was founded in 2003, quickly becoming a go-to company for boutique hand-wired point-to-point Fender-style tube amps. The Lil' King offers sparkling, dynamic cleans and smooth overdrive. The tube-driven Reverb has plenty of splash and decay, and the Tremolo has a strong pulse.

The cabinet was fitted by Headstrong with a 12" ceramic magnet speaker, both larger in size and more powerful than the Princton's original 10" driver. This 12" Eminence Legend speaker is rated at 40 watts, easily handling the 12 watt output of the Princeton circuit, ensuring plenty of headroom and rich power amp breakup at higher volumes with no speaker cone distortion. The tube complement includes a JJ 6V6 power tube pair, JJ GZ34 rectifier (with notably higher plate voltages than the usual 5Y3), and preamp tubes from Electro Harmonix.

The finger-jointed pine cabinet is finished with classic Black Panel cosmetics including smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth. There's barely a scratch on the amp.

A padded slip cover is included, along with the vintage-style two-button footswitch.