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2008 Victoria 45115 Tweed Custom Order Tube Amp 1x15, 45410-Style w/ 5F6-A Circuit


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Up for sale, a 2008 Victoria 45115 in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Victoria offers some of the finest boutique Tweed-style amps on the market, favored by players including Joe Bonamassa and Dan Auerbach. Hand-wired in Naperville, Illinois, this 45115 features Victoria’s 5F6-A Tweed ‘59 Bassman circuit, custom-ordered in a 1x15” cabinet and outfitted with a highly efficient 15” Weber California speaker. The 45115 faithfully recreates a rich, full Tweed Bassman tone, highly sensitive to pick attack, with a broad, warm low end and sparkling treble bite. There’s a smooth gradient between muscly cleans and harmonic-rich overdrive, and the natural tube breakup is creamy and thick. The ceramic magnet 15” Weber California keeps the highs smooth and the lows fat and round. The control layout is identical to a Tweed Bassman, with a two channel (Normal and Bright) four-input design. Controls include independent Volume knobs for each channel, with global Presence, Middle, Bass, and Treble knobs. The hand-wired circuit features premium, vintage-spec components throughout including Sprague capacitors, carbon comp resistors, CTS pots, and cloth-covered leads. According to Victoria, this amp’s caps have been carefully selected to recreate the tonality of a vintage, slightly deteriorated liquid cap for the most authentic warm vintage tone. The tube complement consists of a pair of Tung-Sol 5881 power tubes, two 12AX7s and one 12AY7 preamp tube (all Groove Tubes), and an EHX 5U4GB rectifier that has been swapped in for the original GZ34. The lacquered tweed covering and oxblood/gold stripe grillcloth is notably clean, with only light wear on the enclosure edges. The chrome-plated faceplate is bright and clean with practically perfect white silkscreen text and a full complement of chicken head knobs. Features include: - 45 watts - 5F6-A Type Circuit - Class A/B Adjustable Fixed Bias - Push/Pull Operation - Speaker: 1x15 Weber California - Standard Covering: Tweed - Tubes: 1-5U4, 2-5881, 2-12AX7, 1-12AY7 - Cabinet Size(HxWxD): 23.5” x 24” x 10.5”