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2007 Fender Deluxe Reverb '65 Black Panel Tube Amp Limited Edition Blonde w/ Jensen P12Q, Cover & Ftsw


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Up for sale a 2007 Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb vintage reissue Black Panel tube amp, near mint and complete with the original slip cover and footswitch. This particular Deluxe was a limited edition release, available only in 2007 from a few select dealers, boasting smooth blonde tolex, wheat grillcloth, and a Jensen P12Q alnico magnet speaker.

This amp faithfully captures the tonal qualities of the original Black Panel design. The alnico magnet speaker (in lieu of the ceramic magnet driver usually included in Deluxe models) has a distinctive sweetness, dynamic range, bell-like sparkle, and smooth compression when the amp overdrives. While the amp can of course produce a range of sweet pedal-friendly Fender cleans, the overdriven tones are particularly notable, and this Jensen perfectly compliments the Deluxe's tonal range. The tube-driven reverb is very lush with great decay, and the tremolo circuit has a strong pulse and wide range of speeds from swampy and slow to machine gun fast.

The Jensen P12Q speaker easily handles the Deluxe's 22 watts with a clean dark green frame. The matched pair of Tung Sol-branded 6V6 power tubes have plenty of life left and are properly biased, with many of the original Fender-branded valves in the preamp.

Cosmetically, this amp is extremely well-kept with barely a scratch on the smooth blonde tolex and no snags on the wheat grillcloth. The Black Panel faceplate retains its full complement of skirted witch hat knobs, and the nickel-plated hardware is clean as can be. A "Limited Edition" badge is intact on the upper back panel.

The original two-button footswitch is included, along with the Fender-branded slip cover.