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2006 Boss PS-5 Super Shifter Pitch Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a 2006 Boss PS-5 Super Shifter in excellent condition and in perfect working order. This stomp box provides intelligent pitch shifting, harmonies, detuning, and wild tremolo arm/flutter effects, all with simple, knob-based control.

The graphics are pristine, there is sparingly little wear on the enclosure, and the knob set and foil label are intact.

Features include:

-Compact pedal with high-quality pitch shifting, Harmonist and tremolo arm effects
-Intelligent, key-specific pitch shifting of single notes using simple Pitch and Key knobs with scale display
-Key Shift outputs continuous shifted tone for playing in different keys
-Detune effect provides slight shifting for "fattening" a guitar sound
-Tremolo Arm effect bends single notes up or down to a pre-selected value when pedal is activated; optional expression pedal can be connected for realtime control
-Flutter effect simulates fast or slow "slap" or "slam" of tremolo bar when pedal is depressed