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2004 Carr Mercury Boutique 8 Watt Tube Amplifier 1x12 w/ Attenuator, Near Mint w/ Cover


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Up for sale, a 2004 Carr Mercury boutique 1x12 tube amp in near mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with a padded cover. The Mercury is an astonishingly versatile amplifier, and with a single power tube and 8 watt operation, it's especially well-suited to home and studio use. The unique built-in attenuator allows full output tube overdrive at home-friendly volumes, freeing you to enjoy the visceral sound and feel of a cranked, overdriven power section. The amp provides Fender-flavored '60s clean tones with aplomb too.

A single channel design, the Mercury features the requisite Volume and EQ knobs along with a three-position Boost rotary knob that appears simple yet offers powerful tone shaping as follows:

-Position 1: '60s Fender-esque sound with great warmth

-Position 2: Increases gain by defeating the tone controls (Treble and Bass) while trimming low end for a focused overdrive tone

-Position 3: Further increases gain from the tone stack and reverb circuit while the low end focus is refined. Tone controls are defeated.

A lush Reverb reverb circuit and four-position attenuator round out the amp's features, and further tonal versatility can be achieved by experimenting with different power tubes. The Mercury is a fixed bias amplifier, and any large octal pentode or beam power tube will function in the Mercury, (currently fitted with a Groove Tubes EKT66). The following tube types are compatible with the Mercury after bias adjustment: KT-66, 6L6, KT-88, 6550, and EL-34.

The speaker is the original ceramic magnet USA-made Kingpin 60, and both the tube chart and build sheet are intact inside the cabinet. Cosmetically, the amp is near mint, and Carr's in-house crafted solid pine dovetail joint cabinet features rough black tolex, a leather handle, and chicken head knobs on the faceplate.

A padded cover is included.