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2003 Vox AC30HWH Limited Edition Hand-Wired Head w/ Top Boost & Mullard EL84s, UK Made, AC30


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Up for sale, a 2003 Vox AC30HWH Limited Edition Hand-Wired UK-made tube amp head in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original two-button footswitch. A very thoughtfully designed and particularly rare iteration of the AC30 platform, this hand-wired edition was only offered from 2003-2004, and was the very last AC30 circuit designed and built in the UK under the ownership of Korg (who also owned Marshall at the time).

Ingenious in both its vintage-centric circuitry and player-friendly tweaks, the AC30HWH (HWH translating to Hand-Wired Head) featured JMI-style turret board wiring with premium components used throughout and custom transformers modeled after the Woden transformers used in the most coveted AC30s of the early '60s. A single channel, two-input affair, the amp boasts Vox's Top Boost Treble/Bass circuitry as well as the Tone Cut treble roll off, also featuring a Master Volume to achieve signature Vox sizzle and overdriven chime at more manageable volumes. The amp features a tube-driven Tremolo as well as a spring reverb, both of which can be activated via the included original two-button footswitch. The tube complement includes a matched quartet of Mullard EL84s, a Sovtek 5AR4 rectifier, and matching Sovtek valves in the preamp.

Cosmetics include black basketweave tolex, brown diamond lattice grillcloth, white piping on the amp's face, two-pin corners, and a pair of badges on the face of the head. There are only a few small tears in the tolex, which is the extent of any wear.