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2003 Fulltone Custom Shop Fulldrive 2 Boutique Guitar Effects Pedal Cream w/ Box, Manual


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Up for sale, a 2003 Fulltone Custom Shop Fulldrive 2 in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box and user manual. A rare Custom Shop iteration of the Fulldrive platform with a custom cream-colored enclosure, the Flat Mids mode on this pedal has a more pronounced midrange scoop than normal production models, offering additional transparency.

This exceedingly flexible analog overdrive pedal can do everything from clean boost to dirty crunch to ripping distortion and back, featuring asymmetrical clipping and Fulltone’s proprietary Feedback Loop circuit for unique, rich drive with singing, violin-like sustain and ample harmonic richness and warmth.

The Fulldrive 2 features a dual channel design; the Overdrive channel is voiced for transparency, allowing natural amp tone to come through, and the footswitchable Boost Mode channel can really scream, opening up the distortion with a nice midrange growl and lots of sustain. This Tube Screamer-flavored overdrive has a simple, user-friendly control configuration, with Volume, Tone, Overdrive, and Boost knobs, plus a three-way Mode mini-toggle. The Tone control is very effective, smoothing out or adding upper harmonics, and the Overdrive and Boost knobs only impact their respective channels. The three positions on the mini-toggle are Comp-Cut, a cleaner, less compressed mode; FM, which makes the Overdrive channel even more transparent (perfect for neck pickup rhythm playing) and givens the Boost channel a touch more high-end frequency; and Vintage, which makes the circuit a ‘90s-style, midrange-heavy beast with loads of harmonic complexity.

The hand-wired circuit features a JRC4558D IC chip, Di Ya pots, and Tracon caps, and utilizes true bypass switching. The enclosure is robustly built, and cosmetically, this pedal is in great shape, with just a few scattered marks on the unit as a whole. The original lightly yellowed knobs are present and the graphics are pristine. The bottom of the enclosure retains the Fulltone Custom Shop foil sticker and the handwritten serial sticker, which is signed by Michael Fuller, dates production to August, 2003, and denotes this particular Fulldrive 2 as #015.

The original box is included, along with the user manual and sticker.