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2002 Fargen Epic 18 Boutique USA-made 1x12 Tube Amp w/ EL84, Eminence Red Fang


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Up for sale, a 2002 Fargen Epic 18 boutique 1x12 tube amp in excellent condition and in perfect working order. A rare and versatile amp, the Epic 18 was made in Sacramento, CA. This amp features a Fender-style Black Panel preamp paired with a Vox-style power amp, pushing 18 very touch-sensitive and dynamic tube watts via a pair of vintage, matched EL84 power tubes. This tube rectified circuit has a surprising amount of power and headroom before cascading into overdriven grit and bark at around 7 on the Volume dial. Controls include Volume and a three-band Treble/Mid/Bass EQ section, along with the Reverb and Tremolo effects one expects with a vintage Fender. The Reverb has great dimensional splash, and the Tremolo has a strong pulse.

At the heart of the Epic 18 are USA-made Mercury Magnetics transformers, and the circuit drives a USA-made Eminence Red Fang 12" speaker has a decidedly British tonal profile, offering warm undertones and high-end sparkle. A heavy duty alnico magnet driver, the Red Fang is rated at 50 watts and is very efficient with a 1.75" voice coil. The tube complement comprises all vintage valves save for the V1 preamp tube.

Cosmetically, this Fargen is very well-kept, with smooth green tolex and wheat grillcloth framed by white piping. The only wear of note is a few small mounting holes on either side of the cabinet from a set of aftermarket tilt-back legs which were removed.