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2002 Dr Z Route 66 Boutique Tube Guitar Amplifier Head 6L6, EF86 Preamp


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Up for sale, a 2002 Dr. Z Route 66 boutique tube amp head in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The Route 66 is an all original Dr. Z design with an EF86 preamp tube, and this 9 pin pentode offers incredible gain and input dynamics. The EF86 is normally used in high-end stereos (and also the original Vox AC15), most often for its accurate transfer of input signal, balance, and headroom.

The Route 66 features a deceptively simple tone stack, with Volume, Bass, and Treble controls feeding a non-negative feedback phase inverter, for true harmonic content and full output tube dynamics. The power tubes are a pair of matched JJ 6L6s paired with a vintage Sylvania 5U4 rectifier which gives the amp that signature "sag." Even at low volumes, the Route 66 has piano-like clarity with near endless sustain, and the Route 66's 32 watts truly sing when driven hard for thick distortion, with notably tight and defined bass frequencies.

The black basketweave tolex shows one small tear on the bottom of the enclosure, with faint additional edge wear. The wheat grillcloth retains its Z badge, and the clean faceplate features stock machined aluminum barrel knobs.