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2002 Bad Cat Cub II R Tube Amp 2x10, Point-to-Point w/ Matchless Caps, Sampson Era


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Up for sale, a 2002 Bad Cat Cub II R combo tube amplifier in near mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original footswitch and factory paperwork. Produced during the early "Sampson era" of Bad Cat production, this amp benefits from the direct involvement of Matchless (and later Bad Cat) founder Mark Sampson. A direct descendent of the Matchless amp line, the Cub II is an evolution of those circuits, evoking Matchless' Lightning and Spitfire models. In fact, the point-to-point circuit is full of all Matchless-branded capacitors.

The Cub II delivers 15 watts of pure, Class A tube tone via a pair of vintage Telefunken EL84 power tubes, featuring a unique preamp section that offers a wide-range of clean and overdriven tones favored by discriminating guitarists. This is a single channel amplifier that delivers excellent tone shaping, with built-in tube-driven spring Reverb. The amp provides pure chime and sizzling dynamic cut with crystal clear highs atop a syrupy, sweet churn and a focused bass register. The Focused/Spectrum switch revoices the amp, and was only available on earlier iterations of the Cub II, generally preferred to the later Tone switch. The Master Volume ensures ideal breakup at the desired Volume, and the Cut control is very Vox-esque in its tone shaping.

The Baltic birch cabinet houses a pair of Celestion G10L-35 ceramic magnet speakers with clean frames and original cones. The tube set includes a Ruby 5AR4 rectifier, a pair of vintage Telefunken EL84 power tubes, and a host of modern preamp tubes. There is sparingly little wear on the two-tone tolex which is framed by gold piping, and hardware includes a premium leather handle and Vox-style corners. The graphics on the faceplate are pristine, the original knobs are intact, and the light-up Bad Cat logo is present.

The original footswitch is included, along with the factory paperwork.