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2001 Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


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UP for sale, a 2001 Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Not to be confused with current reissues, this Nobels ODR-1 is the original cult classic overdrive made popular by a bevy of Nashville session players.

A unique overdrive circuit that, despite its green enclosure, has very little in common with the Tube Screamer, the ODR-1 is a natural-sounding dirt box that fits sonically between the mythical transparency of a Klon Centaur and the midrange-forward sound of a TS-808. Controls include Drive, Spectrum, and Level knobs. Drive and Level work as advertised, yet the Spectrum knob has a unique sweep. Rather than operating as a typical tone control, the Spectrum knob simultaneously dials in bass and treble without affecting mids.

The pedal has only a few minor marks on the enclosure, with the original trio of knobs and black foil label on the back. The sticker in the battery compartment is dated 10/23/2001.