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2001 Fender Custom Shop Bass Breaker Tweed 2x12 Tube Amp, Bassman 5F6-A Circuit, Celestion Speakers


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Up for sale, a 2001 Fender Custom Shop Bass Breaker tube amp in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. A very rare amp, the Bass Breaker essentially pairs a 5F6-A Tweed-era Bassman chassis with a hand-made finger-jointed pine cabinet and two offset Celestion Vintage 30 12" ceramic magnet speakers.

The Bass Breaker boasts 50 all tube watts driven by a pair of 6L6 power tubes, delivering muscle, headroom, and rich overdriven grit. It's a pure, straightforward circuit, with individual Volume knobs for the two channels and a global Treble/Middle/Bass three band EQ, as well as a Presence knob. Bridging the two channels with a small 1/4" jumper allows for interactivity between the two Volume knobs for even thicker roar and sizzle.

The circuit is untouched, and tubes include a matched pair of Sovtek 5881 (6L6GC) power tubes, along with a NOS rectifier, a couple modern Mullard preamp tubes, and a vintage German-made 12AY7 in V1.

The amp retains its original pair of Celestion Vintage 30 ceramic magnet speakers with clean frames and original cones. The solid pine cabinet is a couple of inches larger than a 4x10 Bassman to comfortably accommodate the speakers, and the decidedly British voicing of the Celestions pairs well with the rich drive the Bass Breaker provides at higher volumes.

The original ambered tweed shows only faint wear on the edges of the enclosure, with the large chrome Bass Breaker badge on the upper back panel and a small, unique "Fender Custom Instruments" badge on the amp's face. The original oxblood grillcloth with gold stripe is also intact, and the chrome plating on the face plate is positively gleaming, retaining all of the white silkscreen text and the full complement of chickenhead knobs.

A slip cover is included.