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2000s Guytron GT-100 100w British-Style Boutique Tube Amp EL34 w/ 2x12, Celestion Speakers


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Up for sale, a 2000s Guytron GT-100 tube amp head and matching 2x12” speaker cabinet in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This flagship Guytron amp, first introduced in 1997, was designed to deliver the sound of a dimed out British-flavored amp at any volume with a bevy of tonal sculpting options, making it easy to dial in the perfect sound for any stage or studio situation.

The GT-100 features a dual-channel design; the heart of the tone generation is the unique, footswitchable preamp design that incorporates two EL84s running in Class A configuration, after which the signal is transitioned into the A/B arena. Channel A delivers crystal clear, low gain settings at lower volumes, progressing smoothly to a “cranked” overdrive that adds a touch more treble via the Tone control, with a British flavor that retains ample sizzle and punch. Channel B has a ‘70s-style modded feel, with a monster Gain control that utilizes a dual-pot design to control two stages of gain simultaneously, enabling a continuous sweep from warm and clear to over-the-top gain drive. The Tone control on Channel B is a post-gain design, serving as a treble gate to the power amp and allowing warm distortion with a variety of power amp settings. The global Master Tone section includes Volume, Treble, Midrange, Bass, Effects, and Presence knobs. The back panel features an impedance selector, dual speaker outs, and two pairs of effects loop send/return jacks.The extensive tube complement includes four JJ EL34 power tubes, two JJ EL84s, and seven JJ ECC83s.

The closed-back cabinet is loaded with a pair of 12” Celestion speakers: the Vintage 30 is designed to handle the power and overdrive of hot-rodded amps with ease; offering detailed and complex overtones, warm low end, detailed highs, and a rich, vocal midrange. The G12T-75 is also designed for high gain, with a huge, responsive low end and aggressive midrange, plus a slightly softened top end that adds a welcome sweetness to distortion and any aggressive upper harmonics.

Cosmetics include black tolex, black grillcloth with white piping, Guytron badges, and a vintage-style purple jewel LED. Both the amp and the cabinet are in great shape, with wear limited to a handful of faint scuffs and marks on the enclosure edges.