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2000s Fender '64 Vibroverb Custom 1x15 Tube Amp Cesar Diaz SRV Circuitry w/ Jensen C15N, Footswitch


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Up for sale, a 2000's Fender '64 Vibroverb Custom in excellent condition and in perfect working order. A well-preserved example, this amp comes complete with the original footswitch and amp cover, upgraded with a genuine 1961 Jensen C15N speaker. Faithfully replicating Fender's most desired Pre-CBS Blackface-era circuit (not to mention the rarest amp produced during this era), the '64 Vibroverb Custom offers the bold, muscly cleans of the original design, and a smoothness and warmth consistent with the voicing of the 15" ceramic magnet Jensen speaker. Hand-wired on an eyelet board with a finger-jointed pine cabinet, no corners were cut to create this '64 Vibroverb. The '64 Vibroverb's legacy is forever tethered to Stevie Ray Vaughan, and this amp incorporates the exact mods made to SRV's amp by Fender amp guru Cesar Diaz. Via a two-way toggle on the back panel, the Diaz mods include bypassing the Normal Channel, disabling the Vibrato, and changing select component values to offer more gain and an extremely dynamic signal bristling with sustain and harmonics. In its "Stock" position, this two-way toggle restores the original functionality of both channels and all built-in effects. The other welcome mod is a two-way switch for either diode or tube rectification. When tube rectified, the amp has a smooth sag and a slightly spongy feel, while diode rectification is tighter and snappier, with a quick note attack and more headroom. The Vibroverb also boasts both tube-driven spring Reverb and optocoupler-based Tremolo. The circuit is untouched, with premium components used throughout, faithfully replicating not only the proper part values, but also the eyelet board, cloth-covered leads, full-size pots, and impeccable lead dress of the original. All tube sockets are nice and tight, and the tube compliment includes a matched pair of Fender-branded Groove Tubes 6L6s, with Fender/Groove Tube and JJ valves in the preamp. The Jensen speaker is a vintage upgrade, delivering the hi-fi clarity and warmth synonymous with the Jensen name. The frame is particularly clean and the cone sounds great. The tube chart is perfect inside the cab, and wear on the smooth black tolex is limited to a few errant scuffs on the cabinet edges. The silver sparkle grillcloth is notably clean, as is the faceplate complete with its full compliment of witch hat knobs. The original Fender-branded slip cover and two-button footswitch is included.