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2000s Crowther Hot Cake V5 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a 2000s Crowther Hot Cake V5 overdrive pedal in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Created by Paul Crowther in 1976 and still hand-wired in New Zealand, this iconic overdrive has been used by artists including Thurston Moore, Mark Knopfler, and J Mascis, to name just a few. Designed to offer a wide range of sonic options while remaining largely transparent, the Hot Cake functions very well as a clean boost and commensurately scales thick, gritty distortion as the Drive knob is cranked. The simple, three-knob design features Level, Drive, and Presence controls; Presence adds a nice kick in the midrange as it’s dialed up.

Cosmetically, this pedal exhibits some minor marks and edge wear, largely on the sides and bottom of the enclosure. The graphics are pristine, and the original trio of knobs are present.