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2000 Marshall JTM45 Offset Limited Edition Head & 4x12 Cabinet, Mint w/ COA, Tags, Shipping Box


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Up for sale, a 2000 Marshall JTM45 Offset Limited Edition half stack in mint condition, complete with the original COA, paperwork and pair of shipping boxes. Stored for over 20 years and recently slowly brought up on a variac to full voltages, this amp functions as-new with the complete Marshall-branded tube set. Limited to 300 units and only offered to the USA market, this rare Marshall amp captures the finer points of the circa 1962 JTM45 circuit, housed in a rare "offset" head and complete with matching 4x12 speaker cabinet. As the JTM45 was heavily inspired by Fender's Tweed-era Bassman 5F6-A circuit, the JTM45 has remarkable tonal similarities, with a touch-sensitive woody clean sound that yields rich, textured overdriven sizzle and muscle at higher volumes. The transformers, KT66 output valves and open back 4x12 cabinet loaded with Celestion alnico magnet silver frame G12 T0652 speakers ensure a distinctly Marshall-flavored tonal profile. The circuit was faithfully constructed, hand-wired on vintage-style tag boards and housed in an aluminum chassis. The baltic birch enclosures have smooth black vinyl covering, gold metal piping, white/gray textured grillcloth and Marshall "coffin" logos. While this vinyl covering does have a propensity to wear easily and there may be a tiny errant mark or two from handling, the head and cab were truly pulled straight from their shipping boxes for our photo set. The faceplate and logos are positively gleaming in their presentation, and the amp is complete with its serialized COA, all factory paperwork, and the pair of shipping boxes.