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1999 Fender American Vintage '62 Jazzmaster Fiesta Red w/ Lollar Pickups, Case


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Up for sale, a 1999 Fender American Vintage '62 Jazzmaster in excellent condition and in perfect working order, upgraded with Lollar pickups and boasting the original nitro lacquer custom color Fiesta Red finish. A first-year example from the American Vintage line, the '62 Jazzmaster is an increasingly sought after and discontinued model, crafted when production totals for Jazzmasters were extremely low compared to Fender's other models at the time.

Upgraded from stock with Lollar pickups and a Mustang-style bridge, this Jazzmaster has a broad tonal palette, very faithful to vintage spec and detailed in its tonal response. The traditional tonewood platform includes an alder body, one-piece maple neck, and thick slab rosewood fretboard, yielding a clear, balanced natural acoustic response. The Lollar pickups are extremely articulate and dynamic, and each selection on the three-way pickup switch is bold and distinctive. The bridge pickup is all glassy treble sparkle and cut while still having a nice round character, while the neck position is rich and nuanced, with more low end fullness on tap via the Rhythm Circuit, ideal for articulating darker voicings or thickening up your favorite fuzz pedal. The guitar weighs 8lbs 8oz, professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with 11-49 roundwound strings, low action, and spot-on intonation.

The maple neck has a slender C profile carve with modest shoulder and lightly rolled fretboard edges, gaining a hair more heft as you travel up the fretboard, measuring .830” deep at the 1st fret and .910” at the 12th. The particularly dark, tight-grained slab rosewood fretboard features a 7 1/4" vintage radius and slender vintage-style frets that retain their full factory height and are practically perfect, showing only a touch of wear beneath the G and B strings on the crowns of frets 1-3. The guitar plays easily up the 25 1/2" scale with a straight neck and responsive, optimally adjusted truss rod. The nut measures 1.670" in width (just a hair shy of 1 11/16").The headstock boasts a Pre-CBS style "spaghetti" Jazzmaster logo, as well as a set of stock Kluson-style chrome tuning machines that turn smoothly and hold pitch well. A feature only seen on the very first American Vintage Jazzmasters before ink stamps were introduced in 2000, this Jazzmaster is pencil dated on the neck heel, reading 12-3-99.

The upgraded Lollar black bobbin pickups are wired to the original harness, and all of the electronics function as intended. The vibrato has a smooth and responsive feel, properly calibrated for quick dives and warbles and complete with its original, elegantly curved arm. The vibrato works in concert with an upgraded Mustang-style bridge with large barrel saddles. The chrome hardware and plastic parts are notably clean, including an upgraded Fender American Vintage brown tortoise pickguard.

Cosmetic wear includes a bit of expected pick scuffing across the tortoise guard, and a few small dings and some light finish scratches in the clear coat of the gloss central to the back. This Jazzmaster has weathered the last two decades in style, and the custom color Fiesta Red nitro lacquer finish is one of Fender's most sought after custom colors, having been produced in small quantities on this discontinued model. The nitro lacquer gloss on the neck profile is clean and smooth with just one small nick on the treble-side shoulder behind fret 2.

The original brown tolex Fender-branded G&G hardshell case is included. The case retains its functional latches and clean handle, and there's a small amount of writing from a previous owner on the case exterior.