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1997 Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive Gold Horsie, Long Tail


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Up for sale, a 1997 Klon Centaur in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This pedal has been extremely well cared for over the past 25 years, with the Klon's earliest cosmetic features including the gold-finished enclosure with "Horsey" graphic, and more specifically the "long tail" iteration of said centaur.

Little new can be said about the tone and responsiveness of the famed Gold Horsey Centaur, and this first iteration of the now legendary overdrive and boost pedal is a testament to the enduring popularity and influence this pedal has had on popular music. Designed and hand-built by Bill Finnegan and possessing truly legendary tone, the Centaur is a modern masterpiece that has completely transformed what guitarists all over the world have come to expect from an overdrive pedal. Left-to-Right, the controls are Gain, Treble, and Output. The Gain setting determines how much or how little distortion the unit is generating on its own, while the Treble and Output are fairly self-explanatory. Here's what Finnegan has to say about the controls on the Centaur:

"Treble Setting: Don't reflexively leave your Treble setting at noon, as a lot of players seem to do with tone controls on their pedals. The Treble control is capable of providing subtle gradations in high-frequency response and is usable and natural-sounding throughout its entire range; trust your ears, and use the control.

Output Setting: To use the unit as a true overdrive - hitting whatever follows it in your signal path harder than your straight-through signal would - your Output setting will almost certainly need to be above 10:00. Different amps and pedals have different input-stage headroom characteristics, so take some time to experiment with the Output to find whatever setting gives you the best results with your particular setup; often settings in the 11:00 - 1:00 range work well.

Clean-boost Mode: With the Gain control at its minimum setting, the unit is in clean-boost mode. In this mode the circuit has enormous headroom and will not generate any distortion of its own. Clean-boost enables you to hit the front end of your amp harder, or the next pedal in your signal path harder, without changing any of the essential characteristics of the signal the unit received - instant same-pickups-but-hotter capability."

The circuit is untouched and the black "goop" is undisturbed, with two CTS pots that date to the 36th week of 1997 (the larger stacked pot dates back to 1994). The gold inked serial number is present in the lower left corner of the circuit board.

Cosmetically, this Klon shows only a few minor marks on the enclosure edges, the Horsey graphic is nigh flawless, and the back of the pedal shows sparingly little wear with the gold foil Klon decal intact. A combination of a fairly light gold paint application on this pedal and perhaps a small amount of surface oxidation of the gold shows what can be mistaken for dust on the edges of the casting (this same visual effect can be seen inside the pedal as well), but rest assured this is neither dust nor wear.