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1996 Vox AC15 Top Boost 1x12 Tube Amp w/ Celestion Greenback, UK-Made Korg


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Up for sale, a 1996 Vox AC15 Top Boost in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with a padded cover. One of the most gigworthy and faithfully designed AC15 reissues ever produced, this amp is a genuine UK-made product, made during the "Korg era," when both Vox and Marshall had the same UK ownership. A two input, one channel design replicating the circuitry of the AC15s made by JMI in the early '60s, this Top Boost-equipped model retains the original Celestion Greenback G12M ceramic driver. Perfect for achieving the touch-sensitive, glassy cleans and overdriven sizzle and roar of the pair of EL84 power tubes, this speaker has ideal wattage handling and power for a dynamic, rich response.

The amp boasts Gain and Volume knobs to achieve breakup at ideal volumes, as well as Vox's signature "Tone Cut" treble roll off knob, and the Treble and Bass controls that comprise the Top Boost portion of the circuit. Round things out with a footswitchable Tremolo as well as tube-driven spring Reverb, and you have an amp that truly has a feel and response consistent with Vox's golden-era AC30 design, with the welcome addition of Reverb for additional versatility.

The amp retains its original black basketweave tolex and brown diamond lattice grillcloth. There are only a few minor marks on the tolex, while the grillcloth is notably clean. The amp retains all of its two-pin plastic corners as well as the original handle, vents, and chicken head knobs on the faceplate. The original serial numbered back plate noting the amp's UK construction is also present.

A padded amp cover is included.