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1995 Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Pink Label


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Up for sale, a 1995 Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay effects pedal in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The RV-3 can produce lush, dimensional reverb, ambient delays or a combination of both. It offers four different high-density reverb modes consisting of Hall 1, Hall 2, Room and Plate. Three delay modes are available with delay times up to 2000ms, and four simultaneous modes are also offered.


-Combination digital reverb and delay pedal with studio quality sound
-Offers 4 reverb modes and 3 delay modes with delay time up to 2,000ms
-4 modes for a simultaneous delay (32 to 1,000ms) and reverb effect using Room 1/2, Hall and -Plate Reverb types
-Intuitive control via Balance, Tone, Reverb Time and Mode knobs
-Mono input and Stereo outputs

The enclosure shows only very light wear, the silkscreen graphics are clean, and the original knob set is intact, along with the serialized pink foil label, noting Taiwan manufacture.