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1994 Hiwatt SE4123 Speaker Cabinet 4x12 Audio Brothers UK-Made w/ Wharfedale Speakers


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Up for sale, a 1994 Hiwatt SE4123 speaker cabinet in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Perfect for pairing with your 50 or 100 watt Hiwatt head, this Hiwatt 4x12 enclosure was produced in a brief era from 1992-1998 where (at the behest of Fernandes and Biacrown), Hiwatt-branded gear was made in the UK by Audio Brothers. Loaded with the original quad of 12” Wharfedale speakers that date to June 24th, 1994, this cab is faithfully built to closely mirror '70s Hiwatt construction and appearance. The original speaker cones are very responsive and in great shape, and all four speakers have clean, straight frames. The original black basketweave vinyl covering, white piping, and salt and pepper grillcloth are intact and clean with only one notable tear in the basketweave on the top edge and scuffing and wear mostly relegated to the edges of the enclosure. The original metal factory badge is present on the back of the cab, and the large Hiwatt badge central to the face of the cabinet is also present.