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1994 Fender Stratocaster '57 Vintage Reissue 40th Anniversary Olympic White w/ Dimarzio, Japan MIJ Fujigen


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Up for sale, a 1994 Fender Stratocaster '57 vintage reissue 40th Anniversary model ST57-65, upgraded with USA Dimarzio DP117 pickups and a hardshell case. This rare limited edition model was made exclusively for the Japanese domestic market at the Fujigen factory, celebrating 40 years of the Stratocaster model and featuring the short lived "Foto Flame" wrap on the neck. A blink-and-you'll-miss-it model, this Strat iteration is rarely seen outside its country of origin.

The pickup complement has been upgraded, lifted directly from one of Fender Japan's Yngwie Malmsteen signature models, with a pair of USA-made DiMarzio HS-3 (DP117) stacked single coil pickups in the neck and bridge positions, and Fender Japan's ST-Current single coil in the middle. The Dimarzio DP117s offers hum-free performance with a broad low end that's warm and tight, and a smooth, glassy treble response. These qualities combine perfectly with a heavily distorted amp, because the sound won’t get muddy or messy, and the DP117 boasts a staggered pole piece design. This Strat weighs 7lbs 14oz, professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with 10-46 strings, low action, and accurate intonation.

The maple neck has an ambered "Foto Flame" wrap, essentially a pattern printed to appear like heavily figured flame maple applied over the plain maple neck and fingerboard. The neck has a round, modestly chunky C-shaped profile carve with full shoulders and a sliver of natural palm wear through the gloss on the fretboard edges, measuring .850" deep at the 1st fret and .970" at the 12th. The maple fretboard has a 7 1/4" vintage-spec fretboard radius and stock slender frets which have their full height and well-rounded crowns, showing light uniform wear beneath the strings on frets 1-7, with wear extending more faintly beneath the plain strings until the octave. The neck is straight, the truss rod is responsive, and the guitar plays easily in all registers. The nut has been upgraded to a piece of brass for ideal treble articulating and note attack, measuring 42.5mm in width, just fractionally shy of 1 11/16". The headstock features a Pre-CBS small Strat shape, fitted with original Kluson-style Gotoh tuners which turn smoothly and hold pitch well. The "Made in Japan" text and S-prefix serial number are present above the embossed 40th Anniversary four-bolt neck plate.

On the body, the electronics all work as they should, with the Dimarzio and Fender Japan pickup trio wired to a five-way switch and traditional Strat Vol/Tone/Tone control array. The plastics are all in great shape, with just a touch of aging on the pickup covers, and the hardware has bright chrome plating on the bridge base and jack cup, with light patina across the saddles. The vintage-style vibrato is faithful to Fender's original design, sporting Fender-branded saddles anchored to the body with six crosshead, dome-top screws. The full-size tremolo block adds to the fullness of this Strat's tone and actuates easily for quick surfy warbles and deeper dives.

The gloss Olympic White finish exhibits prominent finish checking on the bass-side corner of the neck pocket (purely cosmetic), some light mottling and darkening of the finish on the lower bout on the back and on the inside edges of the body horns, and a few finish scratches and minor marks on the body as a whole. The Foto Flame wrap on the neck shows two spots of wear through the "flame" on the treble side of the carve at the 5th fret, and two broad splits in the Foto Flame wrap at both ends of the profile have been addressed (very common with these wraps), glued flush so the Foto Flame feels smooth on the palm.

A hardshell case is included.