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1991 Fender Custom Edition Tweed Champ Class A Tube Amp, Japan MIJ


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Up for sale, a 1991 Fender Japan Custom Edition Tweed Champ in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. A rare amp, this Fender Japan exclusive reissue of the venerable Fender Tweed Champ circuit was produced decades before US manufacturing would offer a similar model in Fender's modern era.

With the 5F1 circuit as a starting point and a single-ended Class A design with a 6V6 power tube, this Champ offers great grit, dynamic response, and smooth drive via the original 8" ceramic magnet speaker. In addition to the Champ's typical single Volume knob, this amp also boasts individual Bass and Treble controls for additional tone sculpting.

The circuit is virtually untouched, save for a new cathode resistor, and voltages were brought up on a variac with performance tested at both 100V and 120V. The amp operates flawlessly on USA 120V power. The original 1991 inspection tag is present on the underside of the chassis, and the chrome faceplate is positively gleaming, retaining all of the original white silkscreen text.

The tweed is sparingly ambered and in great shape, and the oxblood/gold stripe grillcloth has been replaced with the same material (the grills on these Champs can be somewhat brittle, and the new cloth is much more resilient and cosmetically identical). The original leather handle is present too, and the small "Custom Edition" badge is present on the upper back panel.

A real pint-sized wonder, this rare Champ has great golden era Fender looks and a tone to match.