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1990s Mosrite Ventures Model Travel Guitar 3/4 Size Body Red Built-In-Amp, Kurokumo


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Up for sale, a 1990's Mosrite Ventures Model travel guitar with built-in-amp in near mint condition and perfect working order. Built in Japan at the Kurokumo factory, this mini Mosrite features a 3/4" size body and full 24 3/4" scale length with traditional tonewood construction, boasting a basswood body, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard.

The guitar is loaded with full-sized Mosrite-embossed single coil pickups and corresponding full-size bridge and Moseley vibrato tailpiece. Most notably, the guitar has a built-in Taptone speaker with onboard distortion effect. The instrument has a distinct upper midrange jangle that translates well through the pickups and offers a wholly unique sonic texture that would be well suited for creative recording and songwriting situations. The speaker can be engaged independently from the output jack, and offers sparky clean tones or nasty, snarly, fuzzy distortion at the flip of a switch. Even with the addition of the built-in speaker, the guitar weighs only 7lbs 6oz. Professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, this portable electric is incredibly fun to play, dialed in with fresh 11-49 strings.

The maple neck has Mosrite's signature slender and fast-feeling C shaped profile with a bit more shoulder and roundness as you travel up the thick slab rosewood fretboard. The profile measures .795" deep at the 1st fret and .905" at the 12th. The slender vintage-style frets are flawless with their full factory height, playing easily up the 24 3/4" scale. The fretboard measures 1 9/16" wide at the zero fret just forward of the aluminum nut. The headstock features the "The Vintage Model" Ventures-style text as well as the "Mosrite of California" logo oriented vertically. The Kluson-style tuners turn smoothly and hold pitch well, even with liberal use of the Excellent vibrato.

The body features original single coil pickups with embossed Mosrite covers, and the wiring harness boasts a three-way switch with a long baton. Additionally, a three-way mini toggle switch selects between Clean, Off, and Distortion for the built-in Taptone speaker. The speaker can be powered via a 9v adapter or 9v battery for portability (battery included). Cosmetic appointments are rounded out with a white three-ply pickguard and chrome Mosrite "M" knobs. The Excellent-branded Moseley vibrato has a smooth feel and an incredibly sensitive response, working in concert with the stock roller bridge. The clear protective factory plastic is still intact on the pickguard, and the gloss Red finish shows just a couple microscopic nicks on the body as a whole. The neck profile is flawless.