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1990s Fender Vibro King Custom Shop Tube Amp 3x10 Blonde & Oxblood w/ Footswitch


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Up for sale, a 1990's Fender Vibro King 3x10 tube amplifier in excellent condition and in perfect working order. A Custom Shop amplifier and one of Fender's most perennially popular models, this Vibro King is a relatively early example with the stock trio of Eminence blue frame alnico speakers. The brainchild of Bruce Zinky, the Vibro King boasts a three knob 6G15 Fender Reverb Unit that feeds a one-channel circuit. Extremely powerful, clear, and robust without losing that inherent sweet musicality and harmonic detail that makes Fenders so beloved, the Vibro King has incredible headroom while still being capable of pushing into overdriven territory at higher volumes.

The amp has recently been given a clean bill of health, fitted with a pair of Fender/Groove Tubes-branded Sovtek 5881 (6L6GC) power tubes which have been properly biased. The preamp retains all of the original Fender/Groove Tubes valves as well, and the Reverb circuitry is driven by a 6V6. The original blonde tolex and Oxblood grillcloth is intact, showing only light wear on the edges of the enclosure. The hardware includes the original dogbone handle, nickel corners, chrome-plated tilt-back legs, sphinx glides (feet), and flat Fender logo on the amp's face. All three stock Eminence speakers have clean blue frames and original cones.

A two-button Fender footswitch is included.