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1990's Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 Tube Combo Amp 2x12, USA-Made


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Up for sale, a 1990's Fender Hot Rod Deville tube amplifier in excellent, 100% condition and in perfect working order. This discontinued and early iteration of the Deville is the original and sought after USA model, made before Fender switched Hot Rod production to Mexico, and is considered to possess a superior build and sonic quality. This 2x12 amplifier boasts a smooth and well balanced tone, from glistening cleans to rich bluesy breakup from the Overdrive Channel. Engage the More Drive channel and take the tone to yet another level for sweet sustaining leads.

This 60-watt tube amp has both preamp Volume and Master volume controls, as well as a Drive knob, three-band EQ, Reverb control, and Presence knob. The two original Eminence-made and Fender-branded ceramic magnet 12" speakers are intact with black frames and original cones. The amp is loaded with a matched and properly biased pair of Groove Tubes 6L6 power tubes, with a trio of JJ-branded valves in the preamp.

Cosmetically, this early Hot Rod has been incredibly well cared for over the last 20+ years. The tolex, grillcloth, faceplate and knobs are in outstanding condition, and the chrome-plated serialized plate on the back boasts of the amp's USA-made construction.