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1990 Greco Thunderbird IV TB-700 Electric Bass Guitar Alpine White, Japan Fujigen


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Up for sale, a 1990 Greco TB-700 "Thunderbird" bass in excellent condition and in perfect working order with a custom color Alpine White finish and rare black hardware. This bass was produced in Japan at the Fujigen factory, known for concurrently producing Gibson's line of Orville instruments.

As its name would suggest, this bass thunders and growls in equal measure producing incredible low end thump and power from the pair of humbuckers. Extremely faithful to the Gibson Thunderbird IV of the early '60s, this bass easily bests any modern Gibson reissue and can truly stand toe-to-toe with the originals in terms of feel and tonal range (a bold statement, but we stand behind it).  Acoustically resonant and as well balanced as a Thunderbird can be, this bass weighs 9lbs 7oz, strung with 45-105 roundwound strings, producing a tone that's warm and vibrant, with equal parts low end punch and top end grind. Professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, this Thunderbird TB-700 has comfortable action, fresh strings, and solid intonation.

The neck has a medium C profile carve with just enough roundness in the shoulders to feel both substantial and fast, measuring .830" deep at the 1st fret and .925" at the 12th. The dark rosewood fretboard retains the original medium jumbo frets which play cleanly up the 34" scale length. The nut measures just shy of a full 1 11/16" in width, and the headstock retains the original black clover button tuning machines. The face of the headstock is reminiscent of the classic Gibson shape, with a carved, three-dimensional appearance with the lowest tier matching the color of the body, and the upper tier finished in black with the "Greco" truss rod cover.

All of the electronics work as they should, with individual Volume controls for each pickup and a Master Tone control. The pickups are incredibly faithful to the original Gibson design (not to be confused with Gibson's overwound modern reissues), and these pickups have balanced output that pushes an amp just hard enough while retaining clarity and a sweet, dynamic character. The bridge pickup reads a robust 9.85k ohms which balances well with the neck pickup at 9.6k. Hardware includes unusual brass pickup rings over rubberized black plastic surrounds, along with the original tailpiece and bridge, which shows patina through the black plating.

The Alpine White gloss finish exhibits some requisite pick scuffing across the guard, a few minor dings and light finish scratches across the body, and finish touchup on bass side body horn. The gloss finish on the neck profile is smooth, with just a few shallow, inconsequential marks.

Few instruments can match the craftsmanship and quality of the Fugijen produced Greco instrument, and here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, the Thunderbird TB-700 is among our favorite Greco models.