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1989 Fender Custom Shop American Vintage '62 Stratocaster Blonde Mary Kaye w/ Gold Hardware & Case


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Up for sale, a 1989 Fender Custom Shop American Vintage '62 Stratocaster in excellent condition and in perfect working order. An extremely unique short run model, Fender's Custom Shop (founded in 1987) produced 1000 "Mary Kaye" Stratocasters between 1987-89, divided into two 500 instrument runs equally split between maple and rosewood fingerboards. Ash body construction and all gold hardware set these Mary Kaye Strats apart from the standard American Vintage line, and while Custom Shop produced, the guitars still retain the V-prefix serialization of the American Vintage instruments. Weighing 9lbs 6oz, this Strat delivers the midrange punch and complexity of ash paired with the warmth and detail of the rosewood fingerboard, and these articulate, silky tonalities translate well through the upgraded trio of black bobbin four-conductor Seymour Duncan coils. These stacked coils have plenty of snap and sparkle while minimizing single coil hum, and via the five-way pickup selector toggle, the guitar delivers bridge pickup spank, thinned-out quack in the "in-between" settings, and sweet, bell-like neck pickup chime. We've had this Strat professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with 10-46 strings, low action, and accurate intonation. The maple neck has a modestly slender C profile carve with just enough shoulder to feel both substantial and fast, measuring .825" deep at the 1st fret and .905" at the 12th. The slab rosewood fretboard is a particularly thick cut of this hallowed tonewood, jet black in color and appearing like ebony, retaining its original 7 1/4" radius and professionally refretted with medium jumbo fretwire. The frets have ample height and well-rounded crowns, showing only faint wear beneath the plain strings on frets 1-5 and virtually no wear further up the fretboard. The nut measures 1.650" in width, and the headstock retains the original Stratocaster waterslide decal and gold Kluson-style tuning machines. The neck pocket retains a bevy of date stamps and stamps from the various Fender employees who crafted this model, and the dates on the heel and in the pocket are from April and May of '89. All of the electronics function as intended, with the trio of upgraded Seymour Duncan humbuckers wired to the original harness, and CTS pots that date back to the 34th week of 1987. The body routes are original and untouched, and the pickup cavities have black shielding paint, a feature common in early Custom Shop production. The gold hardware has plenty of shine and only light surface patina, and the vibrato actuates smoothly with its original arm. The original plastics are all intact and in great shape with sparingly little aging too. The nitro lacquer transparent Blonde finish highlights the broad, dynamic grain of the ash body, with prominent horizontal lacquer checking and light targeted buckle rash on the back just south of the belly contour and extending to the plastic tremolo coverplate. Wear is otherwise limited to a few additional small finish chips and minor marks on the body as a whole, and the smooth ambered gloss on the neck profile shows a few small nicks along the profile length, and nothing distracting to the palm while fretting. The original tweed Fender hardshell case is included.