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1988 Marshall Black Jubilee JCM 100/50W Model 2555 Vintage Tube Amp Head, Near Mint


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Up for sale, a 1988 Marshall "Black Jubilee" JCM 100/50W Model 2555 in near-mint, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. The cosmetic successor to the Silver Jubilee from 1987, the Black Jubilee was similarly limited with its own cadre of fans, produced only from 1988-90.

Engineered to easily coax high gain crunch out of the classic Marshall 100 watt platform, the single channel, single input 2555 design boasts two push pull pots, one for a Lead Master with its own dedicated volume knob, and the other, notated as "Pull Rhythm Clip," boosts the input gain. As expected of any 100 watt Marshall, there's plenty of clean muscle on tap, and with the switchable 100/50 watt switch, the amp can be tailored for stage and studio use.

The circuit is untouched and given a recent checkup to ensure optimal performance. All of the original Drake transformers are intact, and the choke has a dated sticker from June of '88. The tube complement includes a modern matched quad of EL34 power tubes and modern tubes in the preamp as well.

Cosmetically, this Marshall is a stunner, with smooth black tolex, a pristine large Marshall badge central to the black grillcloth, and a near mint faceplate with all of the original barrel knobs.