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1986 Mesa Boogie Mark III Red Stripe Vintage Tube Amp Half Stack White w/ Electro Voice 12L


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Up for sale, a 1986 Mesa Boogie Mark III "Red Stripe" Simul-Class head and matching 4x12 speaker cabinet in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The third iteration of the Mark III's evolution, this long box Mesa head features original white bronco tolex and the tell-tale red mark on the back of the chassis above the power cable noting the factory tweaks made to this particular Mesa, namely that the lead mode circuitry is almost identical to the IIC+, and some minor component substitutions in preamp also bring it closer to the IIC+. Everything from bold cleans to raw, aggressive overdrive to thick crunch is available from the Mark III with every push pull option and trick in the book for maximum versatility and tonal tweakage.

The circuit is extremely original, professionally recapped with Sprague Atom filter caps as needed and retaining the original Schumacher transformers which date to '86, along with the stock fan and reverb pan. The amp is stocked with a matched quad of Sovtek 5881 (6L6GC) power tubes with five EH preamp tubes. The speaker cabinet is loaded with the original quad of Electro Voice 12L heavy duty speakers with extremely clean frames and original cones.

Cosmetically, this is a clean and complete set, and the head retains all original knobs and slider tips. The white bronco tolex shows only minor wear on the enclosure edges, and the original hardware and faceplate are very well-kept.

Both original footswitches are included.