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1986 Marshall JCM800 1960A Lead 4x12 Speaker Cabinet 16 ohm w/ Celestion G12T-75


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Up for sale, a 1986 Marshall JCM800 1960A Lead 4x12 speaker cabinet in excellent condition and in perfect working order. This cabinet is loaded with its original quad of Celestion G12T-75 T3760 speakers. These speakers are in great shape with their original cones, rated at 75 watts, with date stamps on the edges of the frames (DU prefix) that translate to April of 1986.

The original black elephant tolex is extremely well-kept, with the original large plastic white Marshall logo as well as black plastic corners and handles. The brown grillcloth is also notably clean and distinctive for JCM800 era cabinets. There is a bit of light white speckling central to the back of the cabinet from a previously removed aftermarket silkscreen graphic.